Carpet Buyers Guide

At Wild Bill's  our mission is to create customers for life! With that in mind, here are some carpet buying hints that we hope you find helpful.

#1. Purchase a carpet that meets your Needs and Wants.

#2. Don't get too caught up in Warranties, Weights, and PAR ratings.

If I ask you "what do you want from your new floor" you may have any of several answers: luxurious feel, soft, inexpensive, footprint free, a specific color, etc...

Ironically, cost is rarely a factor in customer satisfaction. if you purchase a "bargain" you most likely will forget the few dollars saved every time you see the disappointing results. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank to buy a bedroom floor. just purchase a quality that meets your needs in a color and style you really want.

If you are staging a house for resale or re-carpeting a rental property we do offer many value priced options along with the advice on what will help you make your property attractive to buyers and renters.

Mills are great at offering warranties that cover the things that NEVER HAPPEN ! The best guarantee of carpet performance is quality cushion and good maintenance! So, vacuum regularly, spot clean promptly, then have a TRUCK MOUNTED professional cleaner come in and deep clean as needed. The cushion we already include with every carpet purchase is made to maximize performance and comfort. you never need to worry about that at Wild Bill's

     Weight (the amount of yarn) is one of many factors in a carpets performance and cost. If you think about the most demanding carpet environments you will never see heavy weight or extra thick carpets used (think Airports, Malls, etc). In your home you may want that super thick luxurious carpet under your bare feet, and that's fine, just remember heavier carpet costs more and may require a bit more maintenance and weight in itself is not going to guarantee durability.

     PAR ratings, the durability ratings meant to inform customers how much the carpet will "change" with foot traffic is a very misleading indicator. Let's understand how this number is discerned; the manufacturer takes a piece of carpet brand new and compares it to a piece of carpet after it's been used. It sounds smart, but think about this: the uglier a carpet starts, the less it changes (how much  worse can it get.) A beautiful carpet that shows some change will often look better in 20 years than a poorly made (and highly rated) carpet brand new.


#3. Which yarn is best ?

Today's Carpets are made out of 4 broad categories of fiber: Nylon, Polyester (PET),  Triexa (Smartstrand) and Polypropylene (Olefin)

Nylon: Most residential Nylon carpets are very durable and resistant to matting and crushing, they are available in many colors, and all the products we carry have some type of stain resistance. the vast majority of nylon carpet has the stain protectant ADDED on and will resist most food and beverage stains. THEY WILL NOT ALWAYS resist pet stains and things like acne medicine (which can remove the color from the carpet !) Ounce for ounce Nylon is relatively expensive.

Polyester (PET): Do you ever wonder what happens to your recycled pop bottles ? We turn them into carpet !

PET carpets are not as crush resistant as nylon ounce per ounce but dollar per dollar, since you get a lot more yarn for each dollar spent they are generally comparable. Carpets made of PET are naturally and forever stain resistant. They also dye beautifully and give (in my humble opinion) the richest, most beautiful, and vibrant colors.they are also more resistant to fading, although all deep colors will fade some over time. You can count on these products being easy to live with  and  cleaning up well from virtually any stain. For most customers,With a huge variety of colors and styles, the best values in carpet are PET products.

Triexa (Smartstrand): The product of DuPont engineering as they were looking to develop the next generation of carpet fiber, Smartstrand is amazing. It will not stain from household bleach or pet stains, it is comparable in performance with nylon and has really beautiful colors. Truth is, my customers who purchase smartstrand products are my most loyal and satisfied. In addition to great consumer benefits, Smartstrand was designed to be environmentally friendly. A good portion of the fiber is made from corn (YES, CORN) as opposed to petroleum which is the main source of nylon. Of course, the majority of the products offered are mid-priced and higher end. If performance, beauty, and style are your goals, Smart strand is very Smart

Polypropylene (Olefin) Is most often used in berber and commercial carpets. It is very strong, inexpensive, stain resistant, and colorfast. Unfortunately, the downside of Olefin is that it has poor twist retention and would be prone to matting and crushing especially in a cut pile construction. For technical reasons colors are limited and dull. Polypropylene is a good yarn for limited use.

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